2021 is officially the year of Kardo.

Kardo are one of the newest Scottish bands that everyone should be talking about. With a music style that can never be pinned down, the Glasgow based trio have been creating their catchy electronic and rock pop with a twist since 2017.

2021 has brought us lots of things but the abundance of Kardo’s singles are some of the best especially their newest one “Hold On Dreams”. Following a successful 2018 album this song finds its own identity and slows down its melodic notes so that you can really appreciate the lyrics. The emotions that are behind the track just demand you listen to it as soon as possible as it can only be listened to and appreciated while you still have your youth.

Other than its contents, one of the most beautiful things about this single is the title which with its different interpretations can evoke something in different people.

Whether you perceive it as an inspirational message telling you to hold onto your dreams or see the darker side of it telling you to put a hold on your dreams its for certain that the last line “Only love can set us free” will stick with you long after the track ends.”