Gig Review | Jake Roberts w Matthew Gibb and Cameron Ledwidge | Broadcast | 16.11.21

A night of underground, Scottish talent was held at Broadcast. Jake Roberts, the West-Lothian singer-songwriter kicked off his headline tour in the renowned Sauchiehall street venue. Support from Cameron Ledwidge and Matthew Gibb made for a memorable Glasgow Debut.

Gibb kicked the night off with a set of intimate acoustic numbers. Armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a kick-trigger, Matthew warmed the crowd with his dulcet tones. Treating us to a stripped back set of originals and covers, the country undertones of his own work provided gentle, upbeat rhythms the audience was unable to resist.

One couldn’t help but be captivated by the husk in Gibb’s voice, the maturity with which he sings is a testament to his ability and talent. The 20-year-old Glasgow musician reflects qualities of a professional songwriter, whilst being down to earth with the audience. “Wish I’d Known” was a personal favourite as the crisp, melodic guitar coupled with soulful lyrics are reminiscent of the finger-tapping, stuck-in-your-head-for-days kind of songs. The kind you find yourself singing in the car.

The night went from strength to strength as Cameron Ledwidge took the stage. The ex-voice contestant displayed candour and humour through his set. Despite being only 19, the Edinburgh singer-songwriter dished-up a genuine and spirited performance that is synonymous with seasoned musicians. Having a laugh with the crowd between songs added to the relaxed nature of the gig, easing everyone into the night ahead. Treating us to heartfelt, original material; Ledwidge wore his heart on his sleeve . Lyrics that spoke to the soul accompanied by equally refined guitar tones manifested as talent beyond his years.

Covers like Candy brought the crowd to life, adding an uplifting dynamic to the night. Encouraging listeners to join in so “the whole of Sauchiehall could hear us”. Cameron’s ability to work a crowd and deliver a class act left everyone in high spirits for the main act.

Jake Roberts graced the stage just after nine, anticipation was high following the momentous acts before.

“Don’t Wake Me” lit the flame of Roberts nine track set, the lively number had fans dancing along with the infectious rhythms.

The Scottish teen, having never played to a Glasgow crowd before, made the night his own. In light of turning 20 soon, “Not Nineteen Forever” spilled over the PA which brought young and old punters together. A mix of originals and classic covers like Joy Division and Roberts latest single “Shine a Light” meant there was something for everyone.
His latest offering was one of slow and dreamy guitar notes layered under powerful lyrics; taking life by the horns to make it your own through all the pain.

Jake and Co. have made an impression Glasgow without a shadow of a doubt, you catch their work via all streaming platforms.

In the words of Roberts himself
“I’ve been Jake Roberts, have a good f****ing night!”