Glasgow based singer-songwriter, Joesef dropped his new single ‘The Sun Is Up Forever’ last week on a perfectly fitting, warm and sunny spring day. Much like Joesef’s other tracks, this single is just the right blend of both mellow and uplifting.

The song intros with a Lo-fi beat and smooth guitar riff, instantaneously transporting you to the time of BBQ’s in the park on a summer’s day, with good friends and a crate of cider. The bridge brings a slight shift from the song’s subdued tone into a more upbeat tempo, perfectly transitioning into the chorus where Joesef hits us with his recognisably crisp falsetto, looping back to the track’s low-fi, yet buoyant vibe.

The cheery beat can be deceiving, as the lyrics of the track reflect on a breakup in the artist’s life. This is translated through the idea that whilst in the relationship, life became dark and foggy, getting out of it allowed him to see things more bright and clearly; as if ‘The Sun Is Up Forever’. It’s a track about getting out of a toxic relationship and coming out the other side better than before.

Overall, Joesef’s new single is the song we’ve been waiting for to kick start the summer and good weather. An immersive track which creates the perfect escape from these uncertain and isolating times.