Gerry Cinnamon’s new album, The Bonny dropped last week and has been getting outstanding reviews, which you can see why. The singer-songwriter also bagged his first UK number 1 as The Bonny topped the charts.

The Bonny includes 12 tracks with six already released tracks. The tunes we’ve already heard are Canter, Where we’re going, Head in the clouds, Dark Days, The Bonny and Sun Queen. This leaves six all new and unheard Gerry Cinnamon anthems to listen to.

The first new tune your faced with on, The Bonny is a song called, Outsiders. A quick and powerful Gerry Cinnamon number which you just expect now.

Maythem also features on the album. You many recognise this tune due to it featuring on quite a few of the singer-songwriters set-list over the years. The recorded version definitely does the tune justice. Another quick, vibrant tune with brutally honest lyrics.

Another song you may recognise is War song soldier which was one of Gerry Cinnamon’s first songs he wrote. It had been out on soundcloud for a number of years. Again it has that Familiar Gerry Cinnamon sound which will go down well for his already massive fan-base.

Six string gun is also a new one that nobody has ever heard before. A short, but stunning song. The Gerry faithful will notice how much the artists voice has improved over the years, especially in this new album. Six string gun defiantly backs that statement.

The album ends on another short but steady song called, Every mans truth which again shows how much Gerry Cinnamon has progressed. The song goes into talking about conspiracy theories and talks about people’s beliefs. This is something which gives a light and easy listen which rounds of the album perfectly.

Another magnificent production from Gerry Cinnamon in a time of struggle. An album that has followed in Erratic Cinematic’s footsteps with ease. The Bonny is indeed burning.

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