‘Common Denominator’ is the second single of Happy Tears and much like its predecessor; it is a brilliant dream pop account of emotion.

‘Common Denominator’ has a more pessimistic feel within its lyrics. However, the music and overall sense is as dreamy as ever; surrounding the listener with a trance. A choppy yet tranquil electric guitar opens the track with a gliding whirlwind slipping in and out, helping to emit the emotions conjured within the track. The drums introduce the elevation that is the chorus, short, sweet, and lifting the entire mood for the remainder of the song. In the second verse, the electric guitar suggests a rise in mood. A subtle feeling of euphoria with the guitar solo ensures a boost of feeling.

This song appears to be an interpretation of loneliness and feeling left out and the monotonousness that comes with that. However, as the track progresses the more uplifting it becomes. Construing the message that feeling lonely doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world. It can be a positive thing and even enjoyable.

It’s impeccable for an act like Happy Tears to show that local music isn’t entirely a male-block dominating within the industry and it’s with artists like this and their success that helps to show the changes in this. Once again Megan McNally of Happy Tears continues to deliver a heartfelt masterpiece we can all enjoy. Every component of this track deserves praise; The lyrics, the vocals, the production, and especially the guitar work.