Tex and The Blackcats’ new release “Habits Of A Girl” comes off strong and catchy. 

Since their last release, “Devils Soup”, the group has opted for a more hardcore sound on this new single. The track opens on a strong note with a hard-to-forget guitar riff on the Electric Guitar with a pulsating Drum in the back. From the outset, the song maintains its heavier sound and lyrical content. Vocalist Twistyd also brings in his unique vocals on the track and adds an extra punch to “Habits of A Girl”. The lyrics tell the all-time story of a girl too mysterious for her own good. 

Despite the ever-occurring topical frequency of the song, the track feels similar to a homage to 2000’s Garage Rock – grabbing musical influence from bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, and The Strokes. The distorted production (done by Twistyd) adds yet another layer of musical success. 

Guitarist Lewis’ riffs and chords throughout “Habits Of A Girl” take the track up to yet another step as they perfectly blend with the gritty vocal qualities. 

The return from Tex and The Blackcats only confirms their spot in the Scottish Music scene. 

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