Single Review | Kyoshi Station feat. Fiona Liddell | Boxes |

Hailing from Edinburgh, Kyoshi Station started out in the summer of 2020. Since then, they have carved out a unique sound for themselves, blending elements of powerful riff-driven rock with a touch of psychedelic vibes. 

The 5 piece band teamed up with Fiona Liddell from Gefahrgeist, an electronic pop act from Edinburgh and released Boxes on the 3rd of February.

We were waiting on a thing that couldn’t be

The track explores the aftermath of a long-term relationship that is ending and the mixed feelings that come with it. ‘Boxes’ builds up nicely toward the second verse as Liddell gives an authentic voice to the other half of the couple.

You looked away from the only one who was gonna find you

But it’s the chorus that really stands out, as it’s surely going to stay in your head long after the song is over. The keyboard’s infectious melody adds a catchy element to the song, despite the serious topic, creating a perfect balance between the emotional weight of the lyrics and the upbeat tone of the music.

Vocal harmonies enhance the second part of the song as they build to a crescendo, delivering a powerful and moving moment as the song is ending.

I wonder if you think of me

Though ‘Boxes’ is 5:21 long, there are some songs that are so good that they simply cannot be shortened, and this is definitely one of them.

The combination of Liddell’s vocals, the harmonies, the catchy chorus, and the driving beat make for a great track that showcases perfectly the band’s ability to craft a memorable song.

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