Carla J Easton - Get Lost

After the success and acclaim of 2018’s Impossible Stuff, Carla J Easton is ramping up for her next LP with the release of a brand new slice of synth pop, Get Lost.

The grand orchestrations of Impossible Stuff have given way to a more electronic sound with tight percussion and danceable riffs. The production is what you’ve come to expect from Easton’s output over the last few years; clean, professional, and stacked with radio friendly hooks.

Warbling, carnivalesque organs carry the lead refrain and stutter their way through the verse, lending a tactile atmosphere to the pristine production. The bass in the chorus is like standing next to a speaker in a club; its shattered frequencies give the track a sense of enormity as the sound waves reverberate around your eardrums mercilessly. It’s balanced out by Easton’s signature ingenuous vocals attacking each hook with her twangy inflections, the delay creating a shimmering backing vocal effect behind the instrumentation. It’s a winning balance of clubbiness and intimacy that has characterised Easton’s production in the past. Get Lost is a superbly condensed pop track of CHVRCHES proportions and will surely herald the new album with extensive airplay.

Get Lost will be on Easton’s upcoming album, Weirdo, due to land on 28th of August 2020 via Olive Grove Records.