What’s your role at DM?
I’m a writer

How long have you been part of DM for?
Just over a year! 

Outwith DM, what do you do?
I’m a student studying music at Glasgow University.

Why did you want to join DM?
Being a music fanatic I’ve always loved exploring my local music scene.  I thought team DM would be a great opportunity for me to discover new music and even better it’s like being part of a huge family! 

Who’s your favourite Scottish artists?
Paolo nutini, Vistas, Franz Ferdinand 

Best gig you have been to? 
Probably Coldplay at Hampden Park back in 2016 

Best venue in Scotland you have been to? 
Would have to be St Luke’s in Glasgow!

Favourite festival you have attended?
Summer Sessions

If you could create your own festival, who would be your 3 headliners?
Arctic Monkeys, Blossoms, Jack White 

What’s your favourite genre of music and why?
Indie.  It feels as though the artist is having a conversation with the audience, some indie music is stripped back to the basics which really sets it apart from other genres.

How would you describe the Scottish music scene in 3 words?
Diverse, rising, exciting 

What’s the best and worst thing about the Scottish Music scene?
Worst thing about the Scottish Music scene is the lack of publicity most Scottish artists get.  Best thing about the Scottish music scene is the diverse range of talent that can be seen, all different ages too!

Favourite drink at the pub?
Gin and lemonade for sure