Lizzie Reid’s heartfelt single, Seamless, was released on the 16th of October.

Exploring the theme of heartbreak and loss through a soulful melody on an electric guitar, Lizzie has kept the arrangement raw and simple. This allows the feeling to ebb and flow through the song, taking the listener on a journey which is not just heard with their ears but their heart.

I favour the guitar on the Seamless track because it is well, just that, seamless. Adding a warm reverb to a guitar that bodies clarity only enhances this track. The gentle melody is the foundation of this song, later accompanied by a steady drum beat to really kick things off!

Lizzie’s vocals are honest and low which adds a certain character to this song- you can hear the emotion in every well-defined word. As the track builds, the vocals are layered helping to create an emphasis on the theme.

Lyrically, Lizzie talks about the “language of love” that has been lost in translation, becoming a stranger to someone you once held close. There is a folk vibe to Seamless that is embodied by the subtle groove of the song.

“I still have your clothes; I’ll be wearing your jumper.”

Many can empathise with the above lyric and the feelings that pair with it.
Lizzie’s Seamless track can be found on YouTube and Spotify along with her other single- Tribute, another folk-esk track which moves me to curl up on a cold, Autum night.

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