Interview | Baby Strange

I recently got the chance to catch up with baby strange on their lockdown experience, the new single, and their upcoming tour.

What inspired you to write ‘I want to believe’ and how do you feel the release has gone?

I want to believe is about wanting to be accepted by religion but feeling you can’t due to how much you’ve sinned in life, that’s where my starting point was for the song but it’s beyond religion though, it’s about wanting to be accepted in anything and feeling like you’ll be rejected. 

Are you looking forward to your next tour, and what is your favourite Scottish venue to perform at ?

Yeah we can’t wait for the tour, we’ve missed playing live a lot. Our band is built on live energy so it’s been weird not being on tour. It’s hard to pick a favourite but it’s between The Priory, Stereo & The Barrowlands.

How have you all been finding lockdown, and what have you been doing to keep busy?

It was quite hard to adjust at first but we’re now in a cycle that we’re used to. Since lockdown happened last year we recorded most of our EP, which is out on April 30th. This year we have been working on our second album that we’re recoding soon.

Who’s your current favourite artist Scottish and otherwise, and why?

Fabric Bear are really special. They’re the most underrated band in Scotland I’d say, the songwriting is out of this world and they have such a drive. I think they’ll be huge.

Your most listened to artists over lockdown, and have you discovered any new ones, if so who?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Alice Phoebe Lou, she’s amazing. Illuminati Hotties are great too, I’ve been getting right into them. 

What have you missed most over lockdown?

My family, playing live music and doing our club night.

First thing you want to do once lockdown ends? 

Go sit in a beer garden with my friends and talk a load of nonsense. 

What are your plans post lockdown ?

To play as many gigs as we can in as many places as we can. 

And finally, your go to drink once pubs reopen?

Rum n Apple!