Gig Review | Talk Show @ Sneaky Pete’s

“Their setlist was not a direct replica of their studio records.”

Three incredible bands and an incredible variety of sounds infused Sneaky Pete’s with energy and admiration. As the venue filled, the volume and anticipation for Talk Show grew. With support from Milange and Umarells, the three groups successfully created an unforgettable night of live music.

Support 1: Milange

Glasgow group Milange ignited the gig full of mesmerising music. Even thought their debut single ‘Manish‘ is their only released tune, Milange have still made a major impact upon the Glasgow music scene, as well as the overall Scottish music environment.

Their setlist accompanying this debut track was formed by currently unreleased songs. The band provided impressive inclusion as they drew the crowd in, and maintained their attention. Lighting joining the vibrant vocals and impressive instrumental performing really added to the eclectic environment that the band aimed to produce.

I previously managed to see Milange at King Tut’s where they supported fellow Scottish band Bottle Rockets. The group have additionally headlined the iconic and memorable venue as part of its New Year’s Revolution event which spanned over the course of January this year. They have also supported Tina Sandwich and Her Picture.

This vast live performance experience really proved effective for this support slot. Stage presence, incredible lighting, mesmerising music and beautifully diverse vocals made their set one to remember and I would love to see them live again.

Photo of Milange vocalist by @frazz_p (Insta)

Support 2: Umarells

When you think of notable Northern or Manchester bands, quite a few names like Courteeners, Oasis and The Smiths might come to mind. Fellow northern based band Umarells, who were second to take to the stage, join the list of mesmerising Manchester groups.

The quintet performed a catalogue of their own original tunes including two singles, ‘Closer‘ and ‘You’re Not Here‘. With each of their individual talents shining through as they played, Umarells created a cohesive and professional performance. Mellow and mesmerising melodies mixed with vibrant vocals and choruses ignited a set to remember. The carefully curated lighting only helped this, the calming colours infusing each track with very effective visual enticement.

If you see Umarells on a gig lineup near you, definitely consider going along, you’ll find a new incredible band to add to your playlists!

Photo of Umarells guitarist by @frazz_p (Insta)

Headline: Talk Show

I didn’t even know where to start with reviewing the headliners, Talk Show. From start to finish, their energy driving anthems forced the sold out venue to move along with them. The South London quartet’s highly anticipated debut album “Effigy” formed the gritty genre-fusing setlist. Included were singles ‘Gold‘ and ‘Red/White‘. The latter tune was present throughout the set with red lighting creating an enticing environment.

Raw riffs, an addictive anthemic sound and eclectic electronic twists made Talk Show’s headline show a night I won’t forget. I’ve been waiting to see the four-piece for a while, and my excitement to watch them perform the tracks I and so many others love wasn’t changed at all.

Darker vocals complimented their unpolished yet still perfectly performed tracks. The description of ‘unpolished’ isn’t intended as an insult either, with such a diverse range of elements infused into their signature sound, their setlist was not a direct replica of their studio records. It was a raw and refreshing set that I’m so glad I went to.

Talk Show’s frontman and guitarist Harrison Swann‘s hypnotic stage presence was something to be admired, I’ve seen few frontmen with as much energy and dynamic flair for performing. Every song they played was driven by stellar instrumentals from Chloe MacGregor on drums, bassist George Sullivan and guitarist Tom Holmes. Songs like ‘Leather‘ were huge hits with the packed crowd too, with many singing along too.

Talk Show are a band destined for bigger stages, but they’re exactly the kind of band I’ve always wanted to see at Sneaky Pete’s. There’s nothing at all that you can fault Talk Show for, especially during this headliner. Their energy and passion for playing live was so strong, Swann had to borrow a replacement guitar as he broke multiple strings simultaneously. It’s no surprise that this Edinburgh show was a sell out, you’ll definitely see their name on major festival lineups soon.

Photo of Harrison Swann (Talk Show frontman) by @frazz_p (Insta)