Single Review | Mapped By A Forest | Our Place In The World

“Our Place In The World” is the newest single by Mapped By A Forest. 

Forming in Edinburgh in 2023, Sam Morris and Brian Philp, began making music together and within their short time as a duo in the music scene, this new single is adding to an already brimming discography of songs including their EP “I Told You The Truth, When You Wanted Me To Lie”. 

From the opening guitar of “Our Place In The World”, it transports me to a 90s coming of age movie scene. It’s completely relatable to the struggles people, especially those who are looking for a purpose, face in today’s society. 

“Trying to find our place in the world,

Where we can be fine

A place just for us” 

It’s giving cool, but sad indie vibes, which is extremely relevant and is currently on the rise, with the haunting guitar throughout and the echoing vocals in the outro. I also love the soft blend of the solid drum rhythm that carries the tune. It’s not over powering and compliments the other instruments really well. I’m always a fan of a layered vocal, and this song really suits it. 

I really enjoyed the nostalgic aura of this song, it reminded me of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and I’m excited to see what the band will do in the future.