“Chemtrails” is out now! And it’s worth checking out.

“Forgetting The Future” are a 4-piece indie rock band from Thurso in the Scottish Highlands and are back with fresh new single titled “Chemtrails”, which is their first bit of new music since 2022 and was released on the 28th of February 2024. After a successful 2023 doing gigs around the UK, Forgetting The Future have come in to 2024 with a bang with this high energy single! 

“Chemtrails” starts with some catchy drums, which follows into an electrifying guitar riff that establishes the mood for the song and sets a great start. The chorus of this song adds a lot of contrast to the song, then right after it jumps back into the energetic feel of the song through the catchy guitar riff.  During the last minute of the song there is a very enjoyable guitar solo, then the track starts to build up. This will be a very good song live and will encourage the crowd to jump around.

Lead singer Robbie Mcnicol describes “I wrote this song while feeling a little deflated living in the most northernly town on the UK mainland and trying to make it as a successful band. This song is a note to myself to never give up, and that these obstacles won’t ever be able to get in the way of the dream.” 

Forgetting The Future have also released a very energetic and eye-catching music video along with this single, it really helps emphasise each instrument at certain moments of the song and really adds to this single. 

Forgetting the Future have a bunch of live dates lined up for 2024, including their Scotland “Pub Crawl Tour” and other dates such as the “Black Isle Belter” which is near Inverness, and they will be playing alongside artists such as The View! An exciting upcoming band which you should be sure to check out!