It’s a wet Saturday night in the heart of Glasgow and Glasgow locals Bottle Rockets are headlining the famous King Tuts stage as part of the Summer Nights shows. As the doors opened the crowd began to descend into the front of the stage with their drinks waiting in anticipation for the show to start and for the first act to take to the stage.  

First on the stage was Figurines, indie pop-rock band from Edinburgh. The Figurines set was fused with funky guitar riffs backed up with a solid drum beat and powerful indie vocals. The crowd was bopping their heads along and cheering as each song came to a close. It was a short but sweet set that got the night off to a great start.  

Next up was Milange, their set was more alternative and psychedelic. Along with their alternative sound they had a distinctive dress code that made them memorable from the night. The female lead singer’s voice was powerful alongside the multiple instruments and although it wasn’t the type of music I usually listen to, I can appreciate their talent and they did produce a great set.  

The final band before Bottle Rockets was Glaswegian band Bad News, a 3-piece girl band. The three girls took to the stage and introduced themselves before starting their set. Bad News provided us with soft but powerful vocals mixed with rhythmic guitar riffs and solid drumbeats throughout their 30-minute set.  

It was now time for the Bottle Rockets, the venue was now packed front to back and the crowd were chanting and cheering as the Bottle Rockets took to the stage. The crowd were singing along from the start of the set showing their appreciation to the band, but when it came to their popular singles “Backburn”, “When I Tell You” and “Community Service” they went hard with popular Scottish chant “Here We F*cking Go” and singing so loud you could hear them louder than the band themselves! The band’s energy and vocals were mesmerizing and they put on a great set. Unfortunately, it was time for their set to come to a close and the crowd were clearly eager for more as they tried their hardest to chant for one more song, but to no avail the band said their thank you and goodbyes before taking a bow together and leaving the stage.  

Having never heard of Bottle Rockets before this, I was keen to see them live for the first time and just like predicted, their set was brilliant and definitely a band I would be keen to see again.