Sea Girls graced the Barrowland stage after Covid-19 forced them to reschedule. They put on a banger of a show and had also sold out the entire tour – it was truly worth the wait.

From playing the King Tuts Stage at TRNSMT in 2019 to moving up to the headlining stage in 2021, fans have seen how much effort and time they have put into making their dream a reality. 

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As said by the support band, Coach Party, fans had been queuing for hours to be able to be the first ones in and grab that chase down barrier place in the crowd. Coach Party had also played at Broadcast just one month prior to being on this tour so some of their fans had been lucky enough to see them before and knew what was in store for the night. Once Coach Party had started the crowd erupted with joy. Starting with their debut release single ‘Lola’, helping ease the crowd into the groove, with the chorus being easy to learn and sing along to. Throughout their set, the front singer Jess Eastwood, brought up the conversation about the safety of women, especially at concerts and night life, and throughout the night kept ensuring that women should stick together which made the vibe feel cosy and safe for everyone. Ending their set with ‘Can’t Talk, Wont’ excited their fans and lots of energy was created throughout the room for Sea Girls to come on next. 

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Opening up the stage with ‘Call Me Out’ the crowd went wild, Sea Girls had entered the room and everyone was singing along with their hearts full. Singing banger after banger, right off the bat with ‘Violet’ and ‘Closer’ afterwards, the audience were infatuated with love for this band. Later on in their set they played an unreleased track titled ‘Lonely’ which gave fans an insight into what’s coming up next in their musical journey. The lead singer, Henry Camamile, had this on-going banter throughout the night with their fans and even went into the crowd to sing ‘Do You Really Wanna Know?’, making the room explode with everyone shuffling in closer to the barrier to sing with him. At the end of the night he shared that a new album will be released soon with the title ‘Homesick’ and had ended the night on their latest single ‘Sick’.