Hurtling across the water, full throttle and bringing stylish noise, Thumper are coming to a Hug and Pint near you this coming Monday the 24th February. Their debut album ‘Out of Body Auto-Message’ was only released last summer, but they have since embarked on an absolute stormer of a festival tour, crossing great cultural and musical plains near and far. Originating from Dublin, this sextet is a self-proclaimed ‘noise-pop’ outfit, a crazy melange of joy and angst all in the same place. It’s the mind meddling combination your Monday night needs. They’ll hook you in with catchy pop familiarity and keep you pining with visceral indie-rock. A necessary shock to the system.

They have already been identified as Eurosonic’s 2020 pick of the year, featuring in Q magazine nonetheless. This year they will be releasing a new single ‘Ad Nauseum’, coming out on the 28th Feb following their Glasgow appearance and allowing you to keep on reliving the high energy vibes they’re sure to bring next week. The band will also be set to play a number of high-profile venues across the year as well as making an appearance at the place-to-be Eurosonic festival in the Netherlands. They are not one to be missed! So start your Friday night right, get this band on high volume in your lugs, and go get all the catchy feels at the Hug and Pint to start your week the right way.