Picture this, what happens when you put together the virtuoso and natural aptitude of classical composers like Bach, the creative flair of those such as Charlie Parker, the voice of Luther Vandross and the downright feel goodness of funk…? The outstandingly, progressively, impressive Tom McGuire and the Brasshole’s new release is what you get my friends.  Out today and in preparation for their upcoming gig at the Drygate in Glasgow on the 21st March, this split EP is the very thing your Friday needs right now. Self-described as an eclectic, modern-soul-funk, 8-piece band from Glasgow, this band is all kinds of original. They are brimming with hot fingered musicians who climbed their way to sparkling recognition after busking at the 2014 Commonwealth games on none other than the place de la Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow’s city centre. After releasing their debut album just last year, have grown to become one of Scotland’s most anticipated live acts.

In the ‘Part A’ of this new EP, get ready to get deep down in a pit of fist squeezing emotion. ‘Caveman’ is the smoothest of silky melt-me-like-a-chocolate-fountain tracks. Filled with sweet sensations of sax and soft, walking bass that will pull on your heartstrings harder than any valentines card you’ll get this February 14th. Burning slow, like the embers of an old flame, it oooooozes with palpable fervour. It is a recognition that both pain and happiness can exist concurrently, that in order to find solace one must get all up in the face of pain and sorrow. It does this so effortlessly, it’ll take you from a place so primitive it can only be described through musical expression, to a far-off corner of contemplation and introspective self-dilution. It’s a frank and relatable place to be.

‘Part B’ couldn’t be more juxtaposed. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from these guys. It’s a monumental symphony of funk, an oppor-chancity to clear that junk from your weekly trunk. It meanders through chunks of funk, moving from one groove to the next, it plays like a who’s who in all things fabulous. ‘Battle Weapons’ offers the balance in this EP, bringing that complexity that so colourfully shapes their identity as a class act. There is simply no end to what gets laid out on the musical platter of this number. Toes will be snapping and fingers tapping in response and in anticipation of every moving moment. Let go and allow the music take you on a journey like no other.

There ain’t much like Tom McGuire and the Brassholes on the Scottish music scene right now, which is even more reason to be excited about this release and what’s in store for 2020. You can find out more about them and their upcoming show at the links below.