Aster is an indie artist from Glasgow gaining popularity for her unique vocals and mesmerizing melodies. She blew her audience away with her release of “Unaware Bliss” on the 16th of September and this has left many excited for her upcoming EP “There We Were, In A Frame.”

“There We Were, In A Frame” was self-produced by ASTER throughout lockdown. The EP was written towards the end of a relationship and reviewed throughout the production process. ASTER as described the EP as presenting “two distinct points of departure: at first, the instinctive reactionary outpourings flourish; then, through reflection, acceptance and resolve emerge.” These ideas are clearly represented throughout the Ep both in its lyrics and tonality.

The EP opens with her single track “Unaware Bliss.” Which has been received greatly since its release. The song perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the EP and intrigues listeners, making them want to hear more. The song is also a great introduction to the Ep as it explores the themes and gives the listener a taste of what more is to come. 

The second track on “There We Were, In A Frame” is titled “Untied”. The song is very free sounding with bursts of pronounced synth and drums. The song features a lot of interesting melodies and rhythms and is overall a great listen. The track also fits in perfectly with the rest of the EP as its use of synth and production techniques ties it all in. The track express’s feelings of abandonment and frustration and this is represented within the songs building up throughout as well as its powerful climax. This also ensures the track fits in as the feelings and ideas tie in with the EPS overall themes.

The third track on ASTERS debut EP is called “Kelvingrove” and is a tribute to her hometown “Where ASTER is re-living a distorted past in search for familiarity.” This idea is a great theme for the track as it also brings the first two songs feelings and frustrations together resulting in the feeling of wanting to find some familiar. This also links with the themes of feeling lost and abandoned. The song feels almost as if it represents closure. This ties together the whole EP together and creates an almost satisfying ending. The track overall is a beautiful piece and perfectly concludes the tracks before it.

Finally, “There We Were, In A Frame” closes with a collaboration between ASTER and the artist Stranded. The two worked together on a remix of “Unaware Bliss”. This track is a great upbeat piece to end on. Having the opening track remixed at the end acts almost as a mirror showing the changes ASTER experienced throughout. The song feels although it could represent a rebirth or that the artist found herself throughout the duration of the EP.

Overall “There We Were, In A Frame” is an incredible journey through emotions greatly represented through music. Each track is so personal and as a listener can be relatable for many. The EP concludes beautifully and has great representations of ideas throughout. The work is such a high standard and will have audiences desperate to hear more from ASTER.