Dundee’s alternative rock trio, The Exempt are building an outstanding profile for themselves. With past releases such as their debut single ‘Hurricane’ in 2019, which was one of those tracks that was hard to get out of your head, also later releases such as ‘Pretty Faces’ which started the bands successful 2019, playing festivals such as Dens Park Beer Festival and accompanying other artists such as Pete Smith, The MARX and The 1:21s. Yes, The Exempt may have only been together since 2018, but they are no strangers to the stage. 

Kickstarting their 2020, with latest single ‘Mirror Me’ that is filled with thrashing guitar riffs from Michael O’Rourke who is also the lead vocalist, his voice has a sharp and rocky feel to it which gives the track a distinctive edge, the track is also filled with the crashing of symbols from drummer, Andrew Balmer and catchy basslines from Sam Goodfellow. The track could be described as similar to early Arctic Monkey’s. This young trio’s potential is sickening, and I am here for it. Having also released a second track with ‘Mirror Me’, called ‘Fools’ which is calmer but still a tune, I know these guys must be dying to get back to playing gigs so they can show off their latest tracks to their fan base!