We recently managed to catch up with the Stony Macs just shortly before their release of their latest single

What effects has lockdown had on you as an artist?
Louis: I’ve been a lot less creative than I have ever been before and have barely written anything than I have done in the past few months. It’s not necessarily that good.
Harrison: I’d say I’m the complete opposite and say I”m the most creative I’ve been.
Louis: Why have you written like tonnes of songs?
Harrison: *laughs* yeah, four or five complete ones.

How have you taken advantage of all this free time?
Louis: I’ve frittered away all of my money on nothing, jut drinking and that. I’ve taken advantage of my time by drinking and smoking and that’s it. What about you?
Harrison: Pretty much the same!

What’s the first drink you’re ordering at the pub when we are unsibbed?
Louis: I know mine! What’s yours?
Harrison: Probably rum and coke. Rum and gingerbeer!
Louis: I’d say a zombie from Tiki bar cos i’s rum, rum and more rum, all in the one glass and it tastes like pineapples.
They both joke about it tasting like paradise.

What are you most looking forward to at your first live gig back?
Harrison: All the happy faces!
Louis: Yeah I’d say that and also just like I’m just going to be glad to see folk together again!
Harrison: Takin their shoes aff!
Louis: Aye takin their shoes aff and chanting our name!

For those who aren’t familiar with yourselves, how would you describe your music?
Louis: Well I would say, my brother said that Coming Through’s bassline sounds like a Motorhead song. I think that’s a bad representation of what we are! *they both laugh*
Harrison: It’s pretty good isn’t it.
Louis: Yeah, its a good question. Let’s just say I would describe our music as very good and interesting and fun! Right?
Harrison: Easy on the ears!
Louis: Easy on the ears but makes you think…

If you could cover one song, what would it be and why?
Harrison: Down in the Sewer by The Stranglers, it has everything a song needs.
Louis: Aye that is a good song! I would say Small Worlds by Mac Miller cos it’s smooth as f***.

Who are your favourite Scottish artist(s) at the moment?
Louis: Shall we just list them off?
Harrison: Yeah!
Louis: In no particular order…. Ghostbaby, Nu Cros, Moskow Mule, Fiendz YT, Two Tone Television, The Bleeders.
Harrison: I’d say Dead Pony as well.
Louis: They’re pretty class actually, that’s a good choice. To be honest Medicine Cabinet are quality, we seen them at thingy I liked their energy! Yeah man. That’s a good list, use that list.

What’s your favourite Scottish venue you’ve played at?
Harrison: Probably Tuts!
Louis: Tuts is a good venue, they treat you well. If you sell a lot of tickets. *both laugh* Aye, Tuts is good. Dowd’s was a good gig venue because it’s like not meant to be a venue, it’s just a wee pub, function room even and its quite mad and all cramped. And people were dancing about, it was good, it was a good gig. With a blow up doll in the mix.

Describe the Scottish music scene in three words.
Louis: Aha! Uh..
Harrison: Next question please
Louis: Yeah, next question
*they both laugh*

2nd take on the question.
Louis: Hit or miss. Yeah, hit or miss. There’s a lot of good out there but there’s also a lot of not so good. Straight up.

What do you think 2021 will be like in the gigging scene?
They both pause
Louis: I think it will be pretty bangin, like I think I will be confident in this virus going away. I don’t really know for I am not a scientist, but hoping by 2021 that things will be back to normal. Actually, you know what I think by 2021 there will be a lot more illegal raves and stuff like that.
Harrison: I reckon it’ll be a lot more exciting because we haven’t really done anything
Louis: It’ll be like, actually, I’m not gonna use that analogy. Next question!

Should we expect a new album in the near future from you guys?
Louis: Dunno. It depends on if, aye a dunno, just depends.
Harrison: Aye, we’ll definitely keep releasing new music anyway
Louis: Yeah, we’ve got a couple concepts but we’re not sure if we were to do an album if we’d feel like it’s going to be like wall to wall bangers, or more of a concept. Where like it flows throughout, like Dark side of the moon. We need to think about that but we’ll get back to you.
Harrison: Just have to wait and see!

Just in case you are one of those who haven’t checked out the Stoned Immaculate I urge you to do so via the links below!