Night Dwellers is certainly a thought provoking song with poetic lyrics, successfully giving the listener a real insight to the heart and imagination of the band as a collective.

The raw and melodic punk rockers offer just the right level of intensity to the listener as you journey through the emotionally and electronically tuned in record.

Expect familiar vibes to the popular 90’s alternative rock band ‘Weezer’.

Tired of Fighting have a caveat within this genre as they have definitely continued to bring their own sound and twist on things in their thoughtful new single.

The theme may be melancholy and raw but this one certainly is not “a sinker” with its skilful guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

The trio jumped into the Emotive Alt Rock scene early 2019 and have already started to gather a loyal audience which they playfully call ‘Toffies’ where they go from strength to strength with one of their singles already appearing in Apple Music.

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