Everybody’s Like This album artwork, by Bethany Anderson

Greenock-made, Edinburgh-based singer songwriter, Berta Kennedy, has stripped it back with her new 3 track EP ‘Everybody’s Like This’ on the 1st of April, pulling away from her usual explosive mix of dance and rock, to give us a really chilled, organic and fresh track.

Opening song Preview gives us her well-known punch of her Hayley Williams-esque power, full of attitude and trickling vocal melodies. The contrast of the clean solo guitar with the slightly distorted electric beats encapsulates Kennedy’s style quite well. And the very decorated track is also pleasantly accompanied by Alex Thom, singer of Berta’s other project, Konsi. The two clearly work well together, as the track stays cohesive while creating a beautiful blend of both voices that is both dynamic and exciting. Something we see less often is two women featuring on each others track, and these girls prove its power, getting it exactly right with the delicate and tough balance between their voices.

Berta Kennedy. Photograph by Daisy Mason.

Tracks 2 and 3, Possibilites and Activities then strip it back, going old school with claps, hums, and playful opening chimes. While the notes feel organic, they are also refined and clear, creating a very whimsical atmosphere. Something Berta Kennedy does well is layering, and from the double tracking of her voice, to the many complimentary ornaments popping in here and there, Possibilities becomes almost orchestral. Her creativity that bursts from her solo style mimics that of Imogen Heap, tackling so many elements on her own with the power of recording.

This EP is definitely a more chilled vibe for the one-woman band, showing her ability to work with intricate details and clean notes. These songs definitely hold great live potential, with Activities, in my opinion, looking to be a powerhouse on stage. While its definitely worth the wait, Berta has been active on Instagram TV lately @bertakennedy with lots of homemade acoustic covers that are definitely worth a listen in the meantime.