Single Review | Vida | Different Storm

The Vida boys have had a visit from the Duracell bunny with their latest single fuelled by new batteries and unfiltered fun.

A “Different Storm” has been brewing since the band split in 2019 almost four years later a fresh line are proving themselves worthy of carrying forward the name.

Musically this is a sound first offering from a band that was forced to re-start from scratch. The purity of creating music rings throughout it. There is a lightness carried through heavy use of tambourine and an angelic choir of layered harmonies that build through each verse before swelling into the final chorus.

Despite retaining only two of the original band members the familiarity behind songwriter Nathan Evans has not been lost. Continuing to align with their signature sound the jangly guitars and vocal styles of the 90s wouldn’t be displaced in the Stone Roses rehearsal room.

Original drummer Jamie Piggott uses a consistent thumping beat to control the natural groove that flows through out the tracks entirety. With summer just around the corner it seems like this might be better weather for Vida to shine.