Before we had Cocaine Bear, we had Cocaine Jesus.

And no, Cocaine Jesus is not an extremely offensive movie about a religious figure under narcotic influence. 

It’s a song. A rather beautiful song, in fact, by American band Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS). Despite the bubble-gum name, the band’s discography is very lyrically dark, philosophical, and intelligent. The irony is what makes them an interesting act.

Cocaine Jesus is about insufficient love, longing, and goodbyes all told through the lenses of addiction. Surprisingly, it resonated deeply with TikTok users as, at the time of writing, the song’s unofficial usage has 28.3k videos on the app. Freefall also received the TikTok treatment with its equally stunning sentiment and lyricism. It received a whopping 72.1k TikTok videos, and the sped-up version has 1 million


We’ve found a lot of you through freefall💫 and we’re so happy you’re here🫶 #rks #freefall

♬ It’s Called: Freefall – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

RKS is a band that can cause virility without the use of cliché 7 second sound bites. Their music goes far and wide because it’s powerfully beautiful. The five-member band from North Carolina own this online fame and enjoy the growing fanbase it has given them.

Speaking of distance, Rainbow Kitten Surprise will be playing at Garage on April 2nd. If you’re able to snag tickets, be prepared for a night of deeply sophisticated song writing that is impressive without being pretentious. You will be in for a treat.

Feature Image Credit: @ rksbandofficial on Instagram

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