Single Review | Embassy | You Want It, You Need It

Embassy release heavy indie-rock debut single ‘You Want It, You Need It’.

Embassy’s debut single is one that confirms their place in the Scottish indie and rock scene. At just over 5 minutes long, it is definitely longer than the average single. However as a debut single, I think that this time is used to their advantage to successfully showcase their talents. Those are the talents of singer and songwriter Cameron Gorman, bassist Fin Tilley, guitarist Ethan Malcolm, and drummer Matt Baker.

The Edinburgh quartet’s first track is guitar heavy throughout. This isn’t a negative thing though, there are many songs like this. The frequent presence of guitar resembles songs like fellow Scots Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ with repeated riffs and the impact they have on the melody. It is also similar to The Reytons’ ‘Red Smoke’ with the indie and rock concepts fused together.

It sounds as though Embassy are singing directly to someone with lyrics like “you’re turning heads just for a second then you’ll go” and “you’re chasing shadows for a living“. These give the impression there is someone who clearly attracts people but this person is looking for something else entirely. Each chorus begins with the title “you want it, you need it“. This seems to imply that the person they are singing to gets what they want, when they want it. Embassy are painting the picture of someone who knows what they are looking for.

I really enjoyed listening to this debut track. I think it sets them on a great path to either continue this style or perhaps even change it. Despite it being a longer track than most others, I wasn’t put off by this. It has enough to keep you listening the whole time and Embassy know how to use their music to tell a story. They are a really talented band and I am intrigued to see where they take their musical journey to next.