Single Review | Oh Romance | Tongue-Tied

Edinburgh based alt-rock trio ‘Oh Romance’ have released their first new single of 2024 Tongue-tied, a vicious pop-rock blast bursting with the kind of sultry swagger present in a T-Rex song. If this song could walk, it would strut like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. These boys are sure of themselves and rightly so.

Tongue-tied was recorded at 45 A-Side with Blair Crichton (Dead Pony) and delivers on that signature alt-rock sound of the band but with all the drums and guitars cranking up the dirt more than prior material.

The guitar latterly in the song is especially effective in cementing such an alt-rock feel, with a reverb effect not unlike Green Day’s, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’.

Single Artwork

Lead singer Alex Campbell describes the vocal content of the track, “The lyrics hint at a passionate connection, where past troubles fade away in the face of overwhelming attraction”. The musical backing of Blair-Russell Simpson and Kevin Robertson props up this lyrical direction to great effect. Some gentle guitars, sludgey bass and groove centric drumming in the verses allows you to breath and digest the words for a moment, just before the chorus kicks the door down, gives you a slap and tells you it’s time to start head-banging again.

Tongue-tied is the trio’s most anthemic and accessible song to date, walking the perfect tightrope between unique and digestible.

The song releases on Friday June 14th on all streaming platforms, the ideal antidote to the glitzy refined pop song. Utter filth.