Aberdonian singer/songwriter Marc Culley releases his first new material since 2016 on breezy ode to love ‘See Feel Love’

Marc Culley has been perfecting his reputation as a performer and a musician since 2014 and the time he spent away from releasing material was spent wisely and materialized into a single that surely acts as sign of the sheer quality that he has stashed away.

The jangling riff and the effective but soft drums set a breezy precedent that eases the listener into a state of security before Culley blesses us with the smooth delivery of the vocals, with lyrics gleaming with both enthusiasm and a yearning for the love he wants, a feeling that I am sure many listeners can resonate with. The track never feels the need to subvert the listener’s expectations as the consistent basis of the sonic structure is a comfort nor it is over-encumbered with more elements than is necessary. It is a perfectly crafted, nostalgic ode to a feeling that will never go out of style and for that we thank Culley for creating it in the way he wanted and needed to.

With this release, recorded over the lockdown period, Marc Culley climbs another rung in the ladder of his artistic progression, a ladder that is already full of achievements such as supporting Kyle Falconer of The View and being named the Original 108 FM Pride of Aberdeen Award for ‘One to Watch’. It’s safe to say that everyone in the Scottish music world will be vying for whatever he does next after sampling this release.