Single Review | Hazy Sundays | Like To Be/ Had Enough Of It

Glasgow rockers Hazy Sundays are packing a punch with their latest release, the explosive double A-side Like To Be/ Had Enough Of It.

Despite forming less than a year ago Hazy Sundays are proving to be among the brightest prospects in the Scottish rock scene. Between the release of these tracks, a support slot with Reverend and the Makers and an appearance at The Recovery Connects Festival, it’s been a busy week for the band. Hazy Sundays have started strong and aren’t slowing down for anyone.

Like To Be’ starts with the glorious noise of thundering drums and overdriven guitars and doesn’t relent for a single second. It’s a mosh pit from beginning to end. There’s so much to love about this track. The vocals from singer Shaun Kenny are exceptional, especially in the chorus, you can already picture a legion of fans screaming the lyrics back at him. But if it’s a competition, guitarist Mark Devlin absolutely owns this song as he smashes out an outrageous solo after the second chorus. Between this solo and a couple of short licks post first chorus and in the outro, it’s a dream track for guitar lovers.

And if that wasn’t fast enough for you, the ‘B’-Side of this release ‘Had Enough Of It’ is a 2 and a half minute punk rock explosion. It’s a track that is made for a live audience. If you are the kind of person that likes to get right in about the crowd and jump around like crazy, you will love this song. Of course, there’s another blistering guitar solo thrown in there for good measure. Hopefully we’ll see more live dates for Hazy Sundays this year so we can see these tracks live. I’ll see you down the front!