Better Halves are an up and coming indie band from Edinburgh. The group released their debut single “Dreamcatcher/You Wouldn’t Believe” on the 14th of March and since then have been playing gigs across Scotland and have released two further singles as well as their debut EP, “Technicolor Smiles”

The four-piece announced their next single, “Surface Noise” was to be released on the 1stof May 2020. “Surface Noise” Begins with upbeat guitar and tonality which is pleasant and almost nostalgic. This intro instantly sets the tone for the entire track and pulls the listener in. The song has distinct changes from sections switching from more mellow to upbeat. These changes make the song interesting to listen to and show the bands versatility in style.

After the intro, lead singer, Liam Howie enters with the vocals. His voice is one of a kind and helps gives the group their own sound. The melody is soothing and fits the rest of the song exactly, as does each individual part and they all complement one another.  

The lyrics, in the beginning, seem to describe a relationship and its up and downs. The bitter-sweet tonality and feel of the song fits this perfectly. The lyrics and songs other aspects such as tempo and instrumentation all complement one another and help tie each aspect of the song together. The song’s lyrics in the chorus are uplifting and the song picks up with more major chords (Happy sounding chords) and heavier drums making the sections distinctively different, which helps further engage listeners. The change in the songs sound at the chorus also creates a more positive atmosphere which once again quite cleverly matches the lyrics.

Overall, Surface Noise is a great track and clearly shows the bands talent. The songs mixture of relaxed and upbeat is nothing like what Better Halves have released before, truly making it one of a kind.

Make sure to give “Surface Noise” a listen when it is released on the 1st of May.

You can find Better Halves on their social media linked below