Hung Parliament new single by Discovery Music

Cumbernauld-based experimental indie artist Thomas Hugh Dawson, aka Hung Parliament, is the pioneer of homegrown bedroom pop at the moment, and it’s easy to see why after listening to his latest EP release, Cassio Chord. A real mixed bag of styles and influences, this release follows up the single Bleach back in July, which he described as his ‘juvenile attempt at the stadium-sized songwriting of Springsteen and Bleachers, while however still maintaining the bedroom aesthetic intrinsic to the project’. Bleach is the lead single from the EP, but that’s not to say it is the standout. Every track is clearly based from a different genre and influence, and it makes for a highly interesting and relaxing listen.

The first track, Alé, begins with a dreamy guitar set over the steady beat of a drum machine, and the contrast between the manufactured sound of the drums and the raw guitar works really well. Pair this with sensitive lyrics about relationship and the struggles they bring, and you’ve got the perfect EP opener. Next up is Cuffed Jeans, which instantly showcases a strong element of hip-hop. Special guest and friend Catboy adds to this vibe by rapping, which shows how versatile both artists are capable of being.

Vincent, the next track, sees a softer side to the EP. Featuring a sample from iconic producer and songwriter Jack Antonoff, the song is about the pressures of feeling like a burden to your friends- much like Liability by Lorde, which he cited as one of his biggest influences. First release and lead single Bleach follows that, and the EP finishes on a slightly quirkier note with Cassio Chord, a homage to the type of instrument responsible for creating most of the EP. The use of samples taken from youtube videos of Murray Walker scattered throughout gives this a very fresh and lighthearted feel, and creates the perfect ending to an altogether very well crafted EP.

Hung Parliament plays The Old Hairdressers tomorrow (Wednesday 18 September) for the official launch of Cassio Chord, accompanied by Cop Graveyard and Motion.