Following the electrifying success of their single ‘Simmer’, The Stoned Immaculate have soared adrenaline levels and released the tease from their upcoming EP that every fan of indie rock and roll has been waiting for.

In classic style of the refreshing Glasgow indie quartet, Festival grabs hold of the listener instantly with a roaring bassline that drives the song forward in to “new highs” with an infectious chorus and relatable lyrics.

The indie rock and rollers demonstrate an experimentation into new and exciting electric guitar tones throughout the song, with high pitched licks demonstrating the intense quality of six string action that can be expected from their upcoming EP in May. Festival dives in to fresh sounding vocal techniques similar to that of London punks, Shame, where the lead vocalist expresses the lyrics through talking in monotone fashion. This creative choice perfectly complements the lyric about one mysterious character keeping their personality hidden from others.

“They say eyes are the gateway to the soul, so I’ve got sunglasses on in case you get to know me”

Towards the end of the track, a slick electrifying guitar solo explodes in to action illustrating immense control over the fretboard, featuring note bends like no solo they have ever featured before. The electrifying single then ends with both the lead guitar and bass building up to a fantastic climax with slides and bends. 

Treat your ears  with “Festival” on Spotify.