One of the most rewarding things about music journalism is discovering a new artist at the beginning of their career and watching their growth.  

Thursday the 29th of December brought the release of a brand-new EP from one of Scotland’s most exciting up-and-coming musicians, Aiden Driver. We’ve been following the Stirling based musician’s journey since January when he unleashed his first single, and we were buzzing to learn he was producing an EP. Keep reading to find out what we think about When The Morning Comes! 

The record opens with the catchy guitar riff of ‘Set You Free’. The first half is softly strummed acoustic guitar with Driver’s melodic vocals taking the forefront. This mid-tempo offering is serving punk energy sonically with the guitar and drums that really kick into action around the 1:40 mark. Next comes ‘Love and War’, a synthpop track about surrender and compromise. The opening few seconds bring a fission of excitement, reminiscent of the opening to P!ATD’s ‘House of Memories’.  

‘Coping Mechanisn’ts’ is the strongest point of the record as Driver delivers strong and relatable lyrics on themes of addiction and isolation. The track is beautiful throughout; from the ethereal intro to the glistening arrangement of the second verse, thoroughly enjoyable introspective song writing. Aiden’s vocals are untouchable here; silky smooth and as soothing as ever.  

Another highlight comes from ‘Going Under’. The production here is incredibly slick, acoustic guitar and delicate piano build into a climax around halfway through when we’re introduced to some lovely, layered vocals. Lyrically the track discusses the topic of mental health as Driver asks “am I too far gone? Will I recover?”. 

The EP closes on a strong note with ‘… I’ll Be Gone’, a higher tempo banger that is immersive both sonically and lyrically. It maintains a good beat throughout as Driver sings about moving on from a toxic relationship, towards the end bass and drums kick in and it’s all tied together with incredibly slick production.  

Overall, Aiden Driver’s ‘When The Morning Comes’ EP doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of those records that builds in strength and momentum as it progresses and keeps you captivated for the duration. Relatable lyrics and interesting themes leave a lasting impression, we will be looking forward to see what this young artist does next.

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