As described by the artist herself – ‘Silly Girl’ is about how our own insecurities and anxieties hold us back from our dreams and goals. Corin sings with such a pure heart, with so much passion and calm – her voice hits just the right notes at just the right places. I am a fan of the vocals in the song.

You know what you want and you know what you need… don’t wait for it” sings Corin in her verse as the chords of the piano carry over the sweet melody of the song. The young artist plays the guitar in clean, electric notes blending it cleverly with the tunes of the piano. I was fascinated by the manner in which the tunes that played in the beginning of the song set the premise for the rest of the track. Such composition gives the song a very optimistic sense of spirit. The single succeeds in bringing out its own distinctive style of music derived from the genres of soul, pop, and indie, among others.

Don’t be so afraid to fall that you don’t even begin” hums Corin in encouragement as she persuades all the listeners to chase their calling. The way Corin sings the chorus in the song vocalised in the lyrics “don’t wait for it” brings up all kinds of emotions – her voice so powerful and riveting, and yet, soothing at the same time. She consoles you to believe that everything will be okay, just have faith and take the leap that you’ve been aching to take.

The artist Corin as clicked by Lindsay Forsyth

‘Silly Girl’ is Corin’s second single. The young artist hails from Central Scotland and is a solo artist, on occasion performing with her partner as a part of their band called Ditto. The talented artist chooses to play most of the instruments on her own – this ranges across violins, piano and the guitar.

Through the song Corin hopes to reach as many people as she can, and encourage them to take the leap of faith they have been thinking about. “Silly Girl” is a promising reminder to everyone struggling with their inhibitions to be kinder to themselves.