What a way to kick off 2020 than a banging night in King Tuts right after dropping this absolute banger, which is a total breath of fresh air for the new decade!

Weekend Debt definitely kicked off their year the right way, the boys from Lanark have made a belting return form their last release ‘Living Under the Influence’ in 2019, hoping for bigger and better and they definitely did not disappoint.

From the opening its clear the boys have came back with a more mature version of themselves, making their influences known but defining more of their own sound. It an ultimate happy tune, close your eyes and soak up the summer festival vibes given off.

Although the song itself is overly happy the lyrics are pretty much a play on the word Legato, which is not what you expect. At first when I heard the name of the single I was expecting it to totally centre a relationship around music but the dropping of it all into the one word of it all being Legato – when it was all smooth sailing.

The single is a total breath of something fresh from the festive period, and if this is what the boys have in the pipe line for the rest of the year, they are definitely one to watch!