Single Review | Thunder Fox | Right Place, Wrong Time

Thunderfox’s latest release tells the story of a conflict in morality, a relatable theme which easily resonates with the listener thanks in part to a clean sounding blend of modern pop with elements of funk to support the tale.

The track dropped in November of this year, and certainly brings a new meaning to the term, “conflict of interest”. The lyrics paint a picture of meeting someone enticing enough to make you sacrifice it all for a few brief moments, and for the 3 minutes 16 seconds duration the track definitely makes it sound worth it! Listeners are greeted to a catchy hook comprised of clean guitar and driving bass, a somewhat ironic jab perhaps at the themes of the song with a very ‘Chiq-y” vibe from the rhythm section.

There’s most definitely something to be said for a song which can make the listener contemplate their own morality. Most artists try and reflect this by halting the instrumentation to a more sombre tone and slower tempo, however Thunderfox waltz through this stereotype with foot tapping encouragement. You definitely know there’s conflict. The right place at the wrong time. However, it seems in this particular place at this particular time the most pressing matter to decide is what dance move to pull off next!

This is a really fun track, and it appears to take us on quite an organic journey.

For first time listeners we’re hit with the unfortunate truth that we are faced with these choices in life, whether to take the highs and forget about the consequences, or stick to our morals and perhaps sacrifice an unforgettable experience. The second and third listen through you’ll perhaps begin to rejoice after a few head bobs in the whole concept of humanity and being alive. Thunderfox are most definitely ones to keep on your radar, having already gathered acclaim with Rolling Stone Australia it only begs the question of what they’ll do next!