The Vanities, an incredible garage punk 4 piece from Glasgow are highly popular amongst the Scottish indie scene. Not only do they have an exceptional reputation of putting on a fantastic gig, having headlined several in Scotland. As well as this they are a credit to themselves within the studio with 5 epic singles and an EP over the span of two years, all of which with a strong meaning this band have proven how extraordinary they are. 

A punk act would not be complete without an outrageous meaning behind each track and angsty undertones within their music, and Reality TV certainly does not lack of that. With powerful lyrical comments on constant surges of reality tv being thrown in our faces coupled with vivid instrumentation to convey the acts message, this track is just as good and classic punk track.

The track commences with a rumbling and jumpy bass-line which prominently carries the track, a rapid drum beat enters, setting the pace and mood for the tune . Hardcore, fuzzy guitars roar in the chorus as the vocals grow more and more passionate and louder. The outstanding musicality within this track notably backs up the statement on how reality shows are fake and people participate for fame and money. This track is enthused with memorable lyrics, including the bands mantra of “ it’s not my fault if you think that I’m uncultured” which is the title of their EP. However one line that leaves a mark is “Fame is the church and money’s the steeple” which cleverly states that money is now more important than religion ever was and that money rules over everything. 

In all an unbelievable track with a point, conveyed in a strong and exceptional way. These lads are brilliant at what they do and deserve a lot more recognition and I look forward to more invigorating tunes and hopefully some live performances eventually.