Fife rockers Paris Street Rebels put their best foot forward on a straight-ahead sonic assault in the best fashion with their ripping new single ‘Diane’

There are fewer bands that have been creating a bigger buzz in the Scottish music scene than Fife rock outfit Paris Street Rebels. With the band embodying the very definition of the word ‘emphatic’, the band are creating fast-forward and conscious rock n’ roll, reminiscent of the likes of the Libertines.

The track is one where everything works in perfect unison with each other with the instrumental background playing in direct parallel with the intensity and ‘in your face’ nature of vocals from frontman Grant Malcolm, whose unhinged and refreshing vocal inflections lead this track with an almost incomprehensible level of ease. It can be said that this track is one just begging to be played through the most powerful speaker in the most intense and buzzing live environment, with a hook just destined to corral audiences into screaming it at the top of their respective lungs. By the time that the bridge is reached, you must be fully prepared to strap yourself in for what has to be one of the most bone-shaking climaxes written in recent times as everything kicks up several notches and you are left with an unquenchable desire to hit repeat over and over again. This track is one that will be remembered as a true sonic spectacle in everyone’s minds for years to come.

With the impressive trajectory that the band have been on over the past couple of years, it would be no surprise for them to become every punker’s idea of euphoria.

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