Do you like Tom Waits? Meet Jack Henderson. A man with a Guitar and love of the blues. Whose new single “Don’t drink the water”, released on the September 2nd, is laced with political analogies which poetically point to the “perfect deceptions” in our society.

Lyrically, this tracks foundation is rebellious and raw, with harsh truths that you don’t need to read between the lines to understand.

The tittle itself may be interpreted to mean that what we consume in society is impure. Those in power are not only well aware of this but the ones putting the not so metaphorical blood in the river.

Starting with a defined acoustic guitar and New Orleans-esk piano working off of each other to a beat that ignites the soul, Jack’s raspy vocals come in to play to drive the revolutionary message home- don’t drink the water.

Henderson’s track soon elevates in true uprising spirit with a heart-felt, distorted guitar solo taking over the song causing the hair on the back of my neck to make a stand.

The most powerful lyric states “Here is a lie, here is the proof”.
Henderson understands that lies are made to sound like the truth, it could be said this is an ode to the current political climate we face in society.
Don’t drink the water is from Jack’s album “Where’s the Revolution” coming in October, which can be found on Youtube, Bandcamp and Spotify.
If you feel like listening to more, check out Henderson’s socials below.