The Roly Mo have cemented themselves as the slickest band of the Glasgow scene with their rocking release “Diamond Doll”.

After the brilliant success of ‘I’ll be happy when you die”, expectations soared for The Roly Mo in anticipation of their next release. “Diamond Doll” lyrically explores the relatable theme of feeling so strongly for someone who doesn’t seem to share that same attraction, finding appeal in wealth and status instead.

“It’s just a pity the richer guys make her weak”

In classic punk rock fashion, the Glasgow lads demonstrate an experimentation into various guitar tones and effects most notably with their cool fuzz bass which solidifies the track and excellently compliments their crunchy electric rhythm guitar.

The infectious chorus is destined to be a fan favourite at live gigs where crowds can tap their feet or jump about to the refreshing and upbeat tempo, without doubt being the most laidback and formidable of The Roly Mo’s discography picking up where they left off after the quick paced punk hit “I’ll be happy when you die”.

Diamond Doll also portrays the idea of confusion and conflict with love, and being caught up in the loop of feelings which is subtly translated through the use of isolated drums which appears both at the beginning and end of the tune hinting that the lover has not progressed within their attempts of pursuing their “Diamond Doll” and is stuck in a cycle within their own mind.

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