Single Review | The Passing Sages | Say What You Want

Say What You Want cover art

‘Say What You Want’ transports us back to the 70s with this fantastic fusion of funk and pop.

The Passing Sages are a six-piece band from Fife. They are formed by Holly Clark and Carrie Forgan on vocals, Daniel Keay on keys, Sean Priestley on drums, Ian Clyne on bass, and Nic Holson on guitar. The group specialise in creating fun fusions of pop with other genres like electronic and funk. Their primary influences are artists like Chic, Grace Jones and Lady Gaga and these can clearly be heard throughout this track.

Say What You Want‘ is the band’s first release since their single ‘Crisis on the Dancefloor‘ in February 2022. It is a track that has encouraged me to venture back into a world of pop music. For years, the pop genre has been discouraged, described as cliche by some and replaced by more indie based music. However, with bands like The Passing Sages blending together other genres with pop, this is pushing those remarks aside.

The construction of ‘Say What You Want‘ is intricate and very cleverly done. Every time I listen, there is something new to focus on. The powerful, soulful lyrics vocals are at the forefront and every lyric is incredibly clear. The foot-tapping single begins with keys and vocals that reminded me of songs like ‘Sir Duke‘ Stevie Wonder and a song of the same name by fellow Scottish band, Texas. ‘Say What You Want‘ transports us back to the 70s with this fantastic fusion of funk and catchy pop.

This track is a prime example of surprises in genres I wouldn’t normally listen to. There is a brilliant blend of electro-funk and pop. It is an amazing song that caters for a variety of music tastes. I highly recommend giving it a listen.