Single Review | The Big Day | Bad Things

This single further secures the band’s unique identity in the local music scene.

Bad Things is the second release from four-piece Glasgow based band, The Big Day. They are formed by Ryan Hunter as frontman, Leo Lune on bass, Rhauri Brannigan on guitar, and Matt Graham on drums. Following on from first single, Fashion Statement, this single further secures the band’s unique identity in the local music scene. To promote this track, The Big Day released an anonymous site that allowed people to confess or share the bad things they’d done. As evident in the song, some of these submissions were, in fact, things that other people had also done.

In the three and a half minute track, they discuss the idea of certain “bad things” that others would probably deem miniscule. An incredibly catchy guitar riff begins the song, with lyrics starting shortly after. This song also has very rhythmic bass throughout. “Don’t get out of bed for hours and hours,” begins the list of “bad things“. This is followed with “skip a meal, forget to water the flowers that you’re growing“. These are all things that many of us do. Including them in the track will help others know they are not alone.

One thing I enjoyed about ‘Bad Things’ was how musically unique it is from recent releases. However, it still also has different influences from other bands. At about 1:40, there is a talkative part that sounds a bit like ‘Tennis’ by Courting. This makes the track a lot more real and the lyrics being spoken add to the “bad things” being discussed. “Drunken flashbacks…you have regrets and now you have to deal with all of those consequences“. This part being more spoken makes sense, it is a prime example of something loads of people have done. We’ve all taken it a bit too far on a night out and been left with nearly nothing but embarrassing memories.

Bad Things further proves that The Big Day are a band destined for nothing but success. They are finalists in BBC Introducing’s “Scottish Act of the Year” and are also playing Glasgow’s TRNSMT festival. This song is really memorable, it will have you singing along in no time at all! If you’re a fan of bands that cater for a variety of genres, then this song is perfect for you.