Single Review | Retro Video Club | Dangerous

In their first song since the release of 2022 EP “Situations”, Retro Video Club add explosive new single ‘Dangerous’ into their already impressive discography.

Retro Video Club (RVC) are a trio from Edinburgh who create some of the most memorable melodies in the Scottish music scene. RVC consists of Liam Allison (frontman), Sam McGill (guitar), and Kyle Grieve (drums). Previous songs are described as “anthemic indie singles” and this newest one is nothing short of that. Full of immersive lyrics, this is a track that surrounds a relationship that seemed great to begin with, but quickly turned into something less desirable.

The song starts off with “said I’d never leave you, but I’m running out of things to say“. This paints the picture of being with someone who you thought you’d always be with. Perhaps through the passage of time, there are less conversations or things to talk about. This is followed by “I wanted to believe you, when you said that things were going great“. This supports this initial lyric, not believing that everything is as pleasant as it once seemed.

Remind me of the warnings, that we keep on ignoring” are lyrics in the build up to the chorus. They explain a situation where there are “warnings” about the relationship but things seem brighter when these aren’t faced or spoken about. The chorus starts with Allison’s powerful voice, “I’ve been thinking about us, I’ve been thinking about the way it was“. This is followed by “how did everything end up so serious?“. The chorus reminisces on more simple, pleasant and positive times.

The lyrical construction of this song is genius. They truly know how to write beautiful as well as captivating words. My favourite lyric from Dangerous is “something to add to our resume, like honesty and virtue“. This really speaks volume describing a relationship as something you have to work on and learn from.

Retro Video Club have a real talent when it comes to creating the most catchy and memorable tunes but still with words that many can relate to. This makes hearing these songs live even more magical with audiences really understanding the songs they are singing along with.