Gig Review | Yours Truly w/ Support @ King Tut’s

Yours Truly bring their ‘Is This What I Look Like’ tour to Glasgow’s King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut with support from Lizzy Farrall and South Arcade.

Lizzy Farrall

Lizzy Farrall is an alternative artist from Chester who was the first to grace the King Tut’s stage that night. Along with her band, she played an intriguing set which involved tracks from 2020 album ‘Bruise’. This included songs like ‘Balloon’ and the final track of the album, ‘Barbados’.

‘Barbados’ is Farrall’s most popular song with 1.5 million Spotify streams and it is clear to see why. Her ability to create and perform catchy songs is astounding. She has a wonderfully distinctive voice that makes her performance and songs come to life and stand out from other artists.

Farrall and her band were full of energy and danced throughout the whole set. This reflected well with the crowd, with most dancing and moving along with them. Lizzy Farrall is perfect for fans of bands like Pale Waves, each with their own exclusive and individual style. She is definitely an incredible sight to see live. I felt immersed with the first note played and think it would be amazing to see more of her material in a longer set.

South Arcade

Next up was South Arcade, a band from Oxford. The quartet consists of singer and frontwoman Harmony Cavelle, Cody Jones on drums, Harry on guitar, and Ollie Green on bass.

When South Arcade perform, they only do so with the greatest amount of effort and energy. They were dancing, moving and jumping throughout their set. To do this alongside playing and singing is really impressive and it didn’t sound like a single note was missed or off-key. Their audience interaction encouraged a quiet Glasgow crowd to sing along with them and join in, even though most didn’t know their material.

In their lively, energetic set, South Arcade performed a setlist of almost all their own material. They threw in an animated and heavier cover of Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl‘ but the rest was their own material. They performed three of their four already released singles ‘New Fever’, ‘Bigger Than Anything Ever‘, and ‘Sound Of An Empty Room‘. The remainder of the setlist was currently unreleased tracks.

They were a perfect support slot choice for Yours Truly because their music is quite similar in sound. This was only South Arcade’s second time in Glasgow, with their debut supporting The Academic in 2022. With only four released songs so far, South Arcade have already grown a dedicated social media following. It won’t be long before they are headlining tours of their own.

Harry, Harmony, Ollie and Cody (on drums in the corner - out of the photo).

Yours Truly

Headlining King Tut’s was Yours Truly, an Australian pop-punk and alternative band. The quartet is fronted by Mikaila Delgado, with the rest of band consisting of Teddie Winder-Haron, Lachlan Cronin, and Brad Cronan.

Delgado brought the Glasgow venue to life with her incredibly powerful vocals. The band kept everyone entertained with a setlist of catchy and easy to follow tracks, including some of their most popular ones. This included their 2018 single ‘High Hopes’ which has got nearly 17 million streams on Spotify. Hearing this track live was a dream, a live audience really adding something unique to this already incredible song.

During their set they brought out Drew York. This gave a vibrant and dynamic performance of the song both artists feature on called ‘Bruises’ from Yours Truly’s 2022 album, ‘is this what I look like?’. As well as being a solo artist, Drew York is also a vocalist in bands including Stray From The Path, a heavy rock band from both New York and the UK.

Yours Truly are a band I would definitely love to see again, they are amazing performers. Each band member is insanely talented at reproducing their recorded tracks into equally impressive live versions. Watching this band live is a different kind of experience, I never wanted to take my eyes off them!