Single Review | Tamzene | sleeptalking

Sleeptalking single artwork

“A tale of rejection, reflection and realisation.”

Cromarty born and Highland based artist Tamzene has recently released ‘sleeptalking‘. This is her first single with Young Poet, Tamzene’s new and independent music label. Following on from a list of achievements and overcoming hurdles, this latest single sees Tamzene continue with her approach of stellar songwriting and mesmerising melodies.

So far in her career, Tamzene has released a limited, yet ever-growing discography of songs that channel her emotions and experiences through picture-painting words and beautiful music. This description is consistent with latest addition, ‘sleeptalking‘. Her truthful tales have seen her play slots in festivals like Great Escape and TRNSMT as well as support slots for major artists including Adele and James Bay. Both of those named are obviously influences for Tamzene as their approaches to music can be heard throughout her work.

“You’ve been sleeptalking, and I heard you speak the truth.”

“I heard you sleeptalking, you don’t love me anymore.”

“Has my luck run out?”

With an emphasis on wonderfully written words and poignant phrases, ‘sleeptalking‘ is a song perfect for fans of Adele, Lennon Stella and James Bay among many others. Tamzene’s beautifully soulful and distinctive vocals provide addictive listening and a tranquil transportation through a tale of rejection, reflection and realisation.

The message in ‘sleeptalking‘ is simple and expertly executed. It follows the journey of realising a relationship is over, but the feeling of hurt and rejection when learning to accept this. Themes of betrayal and heartbreak are evident and Tamzene presents these in a way that is understanding, providing a supportive foundation to fall back on if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Sleeptalking‘ is such an alluring song that a wide array of people will take comfort in. Since it’s recent release, the track has already amassed nearly 15,000 streams, demonstrating just how encouraging and sought after Tamzene’s tales are, and will continue to be.