Single Review | Union of Knives | Salut Salut

Flagship tune “Salut Salut” is out now – and it’s worth checking out.

Glasgow electro-rock outfit Union of Knives make their highly-anticipated return in 2024 with the release of their new album Start From The Endless on March 19.

The lead single from the album, “Salut Salut” was released on February 20 and appears to be a mesmerising listen. It begins with a captivating drum solo before the the lead vocalist comes in with some snappy lyrics circled around the hook lyric “Salut Salut”. It gave off a toe tapping effect on my first listen and overall made me want to check out more tunes from the album.

For a first taste into the new album, I believe “Salut Salut” was effective in keeping me engaged due to the fact it keeps its catchy charm despite changing tempo throughout. It has got me excited for the full release this spring.

As the founding member, Chris Gordon explained the thought process behind the album by stating: It had always been my intention to make this a double album with the second part being a little more expansive, shadowy and cinematic. That said, there are a few bangers in there too.” 

Chris has been one constant in the band since its early beginnings 18 years ago but there’s several new additions on Start From The Endless. He is once again at the helm orchestrating things, though the key players this time round are somewhat changed, with Anthony Thomaz (DopeSickFly), Peter Kelly (The Kills, Ladytron) and guest vocals from both Chris’ wife Lucy and Daisy Miles adding an expanded dimension to Union of Knives’ sound.

To celebrate the upcoming album, the band have also announced a special intimate show at The Hug & Pint in Glasgow on 6 April with tickets available now here. This is not to be missed!

The full track list is as follows: “Chrysalis In Two Parts”, “Elixir”, “Salut Salut”, “I Took My Rage From The Sun”, “Ephemeral”, “X”, “Unfolding An Ache”, “Indigo”, “Ignite”, and “Annihilation”.