With artists like Zara Larsson you can definitely expect a great performance and a great time! The audience in attendance was fairly young and with it being Saturday night, the energy was almost palpable. The crowd was bonding over the tunes blasted during the dreaded waiting time before the show commenced, singing along at the top of their lungs. When the lights went low, the first act was Swedish singer Hanna Jäger, known as Yaeger. A young, energetic performer described as a generic pop/pop artist graced the stage with a defined, very individual voice and absolutely insane dancing on stage! The crowd was in awe and particularly loved “Use Your Words”.

After an entertaining 30 minutes, it was time for Zara to step in! A graceful appearance at the very top of the stage, beautifully mixed lighting effects and a big screen at the back of the stage added to the atmosphere. Dancers worked in unison and looked particularly well, complementing Zara. The choreography was seamless, the voice – strong and confident and the costumes -dazzling! The show consisted of all the most known songs such as “Venus” (as a homage to Zara’s new album), “All my Love”, “Can’t Tame Her”, “Symphony “ and many more. A mixture of slower and upbeat songs took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster. The crowd was responsive which led everyone to have a fabulous time. The venue did a great job of keeping everyone safe and I would recommend to anyone who likes bop/pop music to see Zara Larsson or any other shows at the O2 Academy Glasgow.