Since bursting onto the Glasgow scene last year, Spiral Cities have put on some solid gigs and produced some quality releases.

Their fourth offering, Forgotten, sees them grow from their bright alt-pop start into a more mellow setting, with ambient guitar riffs and layers that give some atmospheric, almost post-rock moments. Filled with their signature shining synths and beautifully raw vocals, this track is an instant classic in the Spiral Cities catalogue.

Opening the song we’re introduced to a lilting guitar melody that grows and fades like the tide. A bold, bright chord on the keys pierces through to introduce the verse, where themes of family and things left unsaid begin to be established. The chorus ties together haunting harmonies and lovely sliding vocal lines with chords that hold a sombre yet uplifting and hopeful feeling.

The track really starts to open up as we move into the second half, with more layers and depth emerging through the bridge. The vocals move from the clean tone of the verses to have a more coarse, gritty texture, which coupled with a melodic guitar solo and crashing drums leads to a passionate peak. As the song comes to a close it really feels like you’ve been on a journey with this band, experiencing the highs and lows alongside them.

It’s been a busy year for the rapidly rising Spiral Cities, and with the promise of a 2023 jam-packed with more gigs and releases they’re showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. Forgotten is a track that showcases the passion and musicality that Spiral Cities has to offer. It is definitely their strongest release to date and builds excitement for their future projects.