EP Review | Lizzie Reid | Mooching

Lizzie Reid is Glasgow based indie artist who’s began to really garner some momentum. Her dramatic and sometimes haunting discography has given birth to a bubbling and burgeoning fan base. Following up her raw and endearing debut album Cubicle, Lizzie Reid treats us to her new EP, Mooching, released on the 31st of August .

The EP begins with the track ‘Love of Her Life’; A leisurely, melancholy track that sets the tempo for the rest of the project. The track begins with a basic, yet fitting accompaniment of simple chords and drum beats, these help accentuate Lizzie’s distant but comforting vocals. A style not too dissimilar Cigarettes After Sex. Much like many songs by the aforementioned band, this track follows a similar crescendo pattern; it builds up all throughout the song until the listener is greeted with a powerful and climatic riff. 

Following the opening track is the song ‘Bible’. This acoustic ballad is full of romance and emotion. A song that feels like a warm hug on a cold night, woven with care and stitched with infatuation. This lust extends into the ensuing track ‘Soda Pop Stream’. This anthem is a real statement piece in the EP as it diverts from the sauntering pace of previous tracks by introducing the listener to a much heavier crescendo. These powerful riffs transport the listener to nirvana briefly, before they are weaned back into love story in the subsequent song. Contrast to previous tracks that were dominated by guitars, ‘How Do I Show My Love’ caresses the ears with soft and velvety piano notes. A song that bleeds empathy and screams “I miss you”.

Like with many sad stories, the EP finishes with a happy ending; the finale to this enterprise of emotion is adorned with more upbeat instrumentals and vocals. Although this sunnier sound is juxtaposed with the lyrics of the song which beckon back to the longing nature of the EP as a whole. A greater variety of guitar riffs are present in this song compared to previous tracks which help add to the complex nature of the closing paean.

Overall Mooching is a fantastic EP, Lizzie Reid really wears her heart on her sleeve in these poetic and sombre love tracks. Such quality makes one yearn for more and with the talent in her fingertips, success is only a stone throw away.

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