Released only a year after their debut single, Slowmove are back with their new release “Here and Now”.

This track draws you in with soft, tranquil guitar and vocals before exploding into an all-out pop-punk banger. The dynamic, lively tempo of the crunching instrumental demands the listeners’ attention. Then layered with captivating vocals, the track comes to life. “Here and Now” displays a heartfelt expression of the love and appreciation felt for another.

“I look into your eyes and that’s enough to get me by. The medicine, the cure, the thing that gets me through”

The airy, chorused vocals have a serene quality to them which complement the contrasting roughness in the punk-rock esk undertones of the instruments. Lyrically, “Here and Now” has a powerful message conveyed in an even more powerful way.

Despite having only two singles under their belt as Slowmove, the members are not new to the Scottish music scene themselves. Cutting their teeth in local hardcore shows as members of bands like Afterburn and Vent, Slowmove is comprised of well-seasoned musicians. Thus, it is no surprise that this latest track embodies such professional musicianship.

The Scottish rockers have exploded onto the local music scene with shows in venues such as the one and only-Nice ‘n’ Sleezys and have already got slots on festivals later in the year.

Musically and lyrically, this track makes a statement of maturity. Slowmove are here and now. You can catch them in London at the Upsurge festival in August. Check out their socials linked below for more info plus an awesome music video!!!

Oh…and watch this space!